Changing your culture and processes to transform all aspects of your customer service journey

We have progressed to an age where it is literally all about the customer. The digitalisation of everything has changed the customer experience management world and each organisation now needs to assess how this will impact their processes, services and products.

Gaining the in-depth knowledge about your customers is not something that happens overnight. It comes into fruition through insight from all customer touch points and channels across your entire organisation. It’s about knowing your customers inside and out so that you can create and deliver personalised experiences that will boost loyalty and advocacy towards your brand; differentiating you from the fierce competition.

In its 9th edition, the Customer Experience Management 2016 event will be addressing the latest challenges and opportunities that you and your peers are facing. Benefit from 40 + speakers, 100+ attendees and 30+ practical case studies to help you implement these essential techniques back on the job. This event will provide you with the opportunity to learn and network with national and international industry leading Customer Experience experts to identify opportunities, take away key strategies and gain insights for successful customer experience management.

Main Themes will include, but not be limited to:

  • Maximising the importance of the Customer Voice
  • Embracing the Digital Revolution to Meet your Customer Needs
  • Changing your Culture and Processes to Achieve Customer Centricity
  • Achieving Seamless Integration to have a Holistic View of the Customer

Attend this summit to network and benchmark with your peers form all tiers of private & public sector across Australia and New Zealand.

The 9th Customer Experience Management Conference will include:

  • Case Studies an best practice examples by Australia’s leading customer service professionals 
  • Interactive discussions including expert led panels and roundtables
  • Presence of prospective providers
  • Incredible networking opportunities
  • Interactive workshops to help you work through the most pressing challenges and develop key strategies you can implement back on the job 

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